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21 February 2010 @ 07:53 pm


Up for anything and everything.
The more unique. crazy, wild, strange the better.
Mun and muse is really laid back.
So don't be afraid to approach.

Comment here or reach us at #imfanytastic



21 February 2010 @ 07:48 pm

Tiffany Hwang
Nicknames: Fany, Tiff, Tiffie, Mushroom, Stephie
DOB: August 1
Age: 22
Contact: #imfanytastic
Occupation: Tattoo Artist and owner of Skin Deep Studios
Hobbies: Painting, shopping, reading, singing off key at random moments,
Likes: People, sappy love confessions, soap operas, the color pink, bright, shiny things, talking, daydreaming, awkward people, changing her hair color/length daily, high heels
Dislikes: Bugs

1. Obviously ear plugs will be needed. She's loud and easily excited. Not the best combination.
2. She's prone to random moments of spazzing.
3. She quit college mid-semester last year to focus solely on her shop.
4. In order to pass her driving exam she bribed the instructor.
5. Never interrupt her while viewing her soaps.
6. She can be dramatic and tends to over-react.
7. Is a horrible secret keeper, despite her best intentions.
8. Lived in America until she was 15.
9. Has a romantic view of the world.
10. Is frequently getting herself into an array of misadventures.
11. Would never be caught dead without a pair of her heels on.
12. She's blunt and to the point. Always saying what's on her mind without entirely thinking it through.
13. Her mouth is always moving.
14. She fancies herself somewhat of a modern day Picasso.

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